Windsor and Eton Bowling Club

Tony's Triumphs 2019



Added 18th November 2019


Tony was presented with his trophies at a glittering RCBBA awards ceremony.


WINNER - County Singles





Runner up - Champion of Champions











Well Done, our Tony


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County Finals at Bracknell BC


Singles Championship

Sunday 4th August, 10:00

Simon Jones (Reading BC) v Tony Scott (WEBC)


Tony won 21-20


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A message from Tony

"Thank you to all who attended and those well wishers who were there in spirit.

Although I didn't often look across to acknowledge the Windsor contingent,

I was very aware of your support and heard all of the cheers, which helped greatly, especially when the score was against me.

Thank you all."


It was a nail biting match which started badly for Tony. He was 3-14 down in the early stages, with defeat biting at his heels. But, as we know, Tony enjoys a challenge, and with a crowd of WEBC supporters cheering him on, he started a fight back.

Shot by shot, he pulled back to 20 all. His opponent now looked rattled. Tony rolled in a cracking shot to hold one.

His opponent was unable to knock it off and the match ended 21-20.



"Have a good game"



The winning delivery

The WEBC crowd


Shot wood!

Let's have a look at

the old scoreboard!